Bee Juho Super Fine (aged for 3 years)
Bee Juho Super Fine (aged for 3 years)
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Bee Juho Super Fine (aged for 3 years)

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Only high quality propolis ingredients from Brazilian apiaries are used。
High-purity propolis extracted from freshly-picked raw materials that have been aged for a long time in a well-equipped Japanese factory without damaging the natural ingredients.です。
The extraction method is a product by the alcohol water extraction method that contains the most active ingredients.品です。

raw materials

Brazilian high-grade propolis extract / ethanol

Per 100g of nutrition labelingり)

energy :500kcal
protein :1g
Qualities :15g
carbohydrate :56g
sodium :0g

How to drink

・Take 40 drops 1 ml a day as a guide, drop it in a cup of water or lukewarm water and drink.ください。
・If you are concerned about the flavor, please mix it with milk yogurt coffee honey etc.ださい。
・If you pack an appropriate amount in the size of commercially available capsule # 0 and drink it, you can ingest the resin, which is a valuable substance, without wasting it.ます。
・If you put it in water, a tar-like film will be formed, but it is an important useful ingredient, so please enjoy it with confidence.い。

Precautions for use

In rare cases, it may not fit depending on your constitution and physical condition.す。
In that case, please refrain from drinking and consult with us or your doctor.い。
There are individual differences in efficacy and efficacyす。

Preservation method

After opening, close the lid tightly and store it away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.い。


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